Caricature Drawings

Have your photos turned into fun caricature artwork!

STEP 1: First, decide the number of people you want to have in each drawing. I have options for 1-4 faces per image. If you have more faces, let me know via email to:, and we can work something out.

turn your photos into funny cartoon caricature artwork by selecting how many faces you want in each image. Options available from one to four faces.

STEP 2: Find a good photo of the person(s) you want to have a caricature created for. These photos need to have their entire face and hair for a good result.

STEP 3: Email your photo(s), along with a brief description about the person, or maybe a scenario, or location, or something like that, to:
Please put your order number in the subject line of the email.

Orders take, on average, 24-48 hours to complete, and are delivered via email.

Print options available too! If you would like a printed version, please indicate so in your email, and I can give you the print options. Prints available at an additional charge.

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Looking for a fun Team Building Exercise for your employees? Art can do that!

Gather the teams and have them come up with a theme for themselves, something that represents their spirit, or commitment to customer satisfaction like: Super Heroes, Dinosaurs, Acrobats, Cyborgs, etc.

Once they have decided on a team identity, each team member gets their picture taken and teammates list some of descriptors about that person, ie: Tom is the company comedian, Janice loves to bake, Jorge is the resident cinema snob, etc. Then, I do my art thing.

Your employees get a shared experience that helps them see their strengths in a way that also forces them to not take themselves so seriously. Life should be fun, and we work a lot during out lives, so some fun there is probably a good thing. You also get a pretty sweet and unique art piece.

Or maybe you want to give your employees a personalize gift to celebrate anniversaries, accolades or other accomplishments? I used to get $10 grocery store gift cards, because nothing says "You're valued" like the ability to get a box of mac 'n cheese and a sixer...

Anyway... these types of things are each unique, every company is different, but if you would like to see how art can strengthen the bonds between your employees, please email with "Team Building" in the subject line.