Memorial Portrait Paintings

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Death is the bitter truth of life, and I've had my share of experiences with it. I grew up on a heavily traveled rural road in Montana losing a handful of pets throughout my childhood to speeding semis. As a teenager I experienced the loss of my mother to a heart attack and school friends to suicide. As a father I stared into death's face again when my son was diagnosed with cancer (death blinked this time, but the emotional rollercoaster was the same).

The fond memories we have of the loved ones we've lost often are the only things that make the pain bearable. Memorial Portrait Paintings by AndAbelArt uses your high resolution photos of the loved one(s) you've lost to give those memories an anchor in this world.

What I need to create a Memorial Portrait Painting: High resolution photo(s) of your loved one(s) and a brief description of a time or place or experience that embodies the spirit of that person. I then use a process I've developed to create a compelling, compassionate work of art available to you on Artist Canvas or High Quality Poster Paper as well as Digital Copies to post and share on Social Media.


• Select the Size and Material Option that best suits your needs.
• Submit your High Resolution Family Member Photos to:
• Once your photos are received, work will begin.
• Within 7 days, you will receive an email with a rough draft version of the composited artwork.
• Once the artwork has been approved, the image goes to print.
• Delivery takes 2-3 weeks from artwork approval.