Playtime2Bedtime - The backdrop to creative play - Children's Blankets


playtime2bedtime is a fun kids bedding line offering childrens blankets that double as a backdrop to creative play based on your childs favorite toys.

Playtime2Bedtime - a line of Children's Bedding (Soft and Comfy Fleece Blankets) designed with a dual purpose in mind.

On the one hand it's traditional Children's Bedding - High quality printed lightweight, pill-free microfiber fleece blankets that are not only supremely soft, but warm & cozy too.

On the other hand, the designs have been inspired by various Toy Segments. For example: if your child enjoys Fashion Dolls, we have the Fashionista Galleria Shopping Mall. If they fancy anything that goes "Vroom-vroom!" there's the International Race Track and Speedway for diecast cars. If they love the spectacle of Professional Wrestling, there's the All-Star Wresting Beat Down Arena. Other designs available for Space/War Action Figures, Super Hero/Comic Book Characters, Zoo Wildlife From Around The World and More!

When your little one wants to play, spread out the Playtime2Bedtime bedding on the floor as a structured backdrop to creative play. When playtime is over, use the Playtime2Bedtime bedding as a way to gather up the toys and dump them into a toy bin. When naptime or bedtime comes around, use the Playtime2Bedtime bedding to tuck your little one in.

Makes for a Great Gift Idea for Grandparents to give to Grandchildren, Uncles and Aunts to give to Nieces and Nephews, and of course Parents to give to, and inspire, their own Children and their Friends.