POD-R The Print-On-Demand Revolution

To learn more about POD-R, please visit: https://pod-r.com

Print-On-Demand is a Revolution in how Branded Merchandise is Designed, Manufactured and Sold. It's an exciting new tool that I can use to help you raise money with NO Up-Front Cost, NO Risk and NO Inventory to manage.

• I work with you to come up with compelling designs.
• I put those designs on a curated collection of products.
• I make a fully functioning online shop page on my website just for you.
• You share a link to your audience, they make purchases, and the bulk of the proceeds go directly to you.

Branded Merchandise has been a staple in America going all the way back to George Washington in 1789. It became an industry in 1890 thanks to an industrious newspaper owner, was first revolutionized in 1907 with the invention of screen printing and again was revolutionized in the 1970s with cheap garments and a boom in plastics quickly becoming ubiquitous as a marketing tool for large corporations.

In the 2010s a third revolution started with Print-On-Demand, like screen printing before it, rewriting the rules. In doing so, Branded Merchandise is finally a viable fund raising option for anyone!

Some of the many items available include:

A Wide Variety of Garments: Infant, Toddler, Youth and Adult sizes. Onesies, T-shirts, Tank Tops, V-neck, Crew Neck, Cotton, Blend, Short Sleeve, Long Sleeve, Sweatshirts and Hoodies, Hats, Coats, Pants and Leggings. 

A wide variety of garment options. Multiple size, color, cut and material options. Infant, Toddler, Youth, Adult Men's Women's and Unisex shirts, Long sleeve shirts, and Sweatshirts/Hoodies

Household Items: Blankets, Hooded Blankets, Beach Towels, Bath Mats, Dog Dishes, Pillows and More!

wall tapestries, hooded blankets, dog dishes, bandanas, fleece blankets, pillows, bath mats, beach towels and more

Kitchenware: A large selection of drinkware including laser engraved travel mugs, tumblers and water bottles in a variety of colors, and several ceramic mugs including the Magic Mug that hides your image until filled with hot coffee or tea! As well as several other useful kitchen items.

travel mugs, tumblers, water bottles, coffee mugs, magic mug, beer stein, accent color mugs and more!

cutting boards, glass cutting boards, coasters, cork coasters, plates, platters, bowls and more

Technology: There's also a great collection of tech and office supplies like wireless Bluetooth speakers, phone cases, headphones, note pads, air fresheners, backpacks and more!

phone cases, bluetooth speakers, phone chargers, power packs, notebooks, backpacks, headphones, and more

To learn more about how AndAbelArt can help you fundraise with custom designed merchandise, please email: shawn@andabelart.com

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