In light of the Global Covid-19 Pandemic, AndAbelArt felt it was important to address how the current health crisis affects the services and products we offer to our customers.

AndAbelArt was designed as an entity that has limited social contact to begin with. Many of my Graphic Design clients don't even live in the same geographical area as AndAbelArt, but for those who do, we can utilize online services, the telephone, email or other socially distanced meeting methods. We can also do in-person meetings so long as they fall in line with guidelines from the CDC in regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Many of the products offered by AndAbelArt and its Subsidiaries are produced through association with third-party production partners that have no direct contact with AndAbelArt Customers and Clients. Items such as garments and bedding should be cleaned regularly. Impact Games products are non-pourous and easily cleaned (check a small section of the decal or banner to ensure that your cleaning agent does not affect the print). Peripherals for Impact Games products should be cleaned after each use.

Aside from that, the Covid-19 Pandemic should have little affect on business conducted with AndAbelArt and its Subsidiaries. Above all, AndAbelArt encourages Customers, Clients and other individuals to adhere to social distancing guidelines, mask mandates and anything else suggested to help limit, slow or even stop the spread of Covid-19.