Family Portrait Paintings by AndAbelArt - Without gathering the family

Family Portrait Paintings by AndAbelArt offers a technological solution to the problem of distance and time when talking about Family Portrait Paintings.

The country/world is a big place, and many people have family spread across the globe to sometimes very distant corners. Even with those distances, family is always near and dear to our hearts, and now family can be memorialized in a Custom Digital Family Portrait Painting without the hassle and cost required to bring the whole family together for a sitting.

I've created a unique process where I work directly from High Resolution Photos of Individual Family Members to digitally bring the family together in a Custom Work of Art. Simply supply high resolution photos of each family member, and allow me to use a combination of digital art software to bring the family together and create a digital painting that uses a computer to illustrate the connectedness of family through an original work of art.

The best part of using a digital process is that you don't just get one painting, but rather get you choice of print options as well as digital copies you can share on social media putting a reminder of the most precious part of your life in your pocket and on display for the world to see.