Impact Games - Drinking Games for Bar Owners/Party Crowds + Beer Pong

Impact Games is a line of Drinking/Party Games available as vinyl decals for Bar Owners and Banners for the Party Crowd.

For Bar Owners - Impact Games offers over a dozen different and unique Drinking Game Decals that Bar Owners can apply to the surface of the tables they already have. These games provide a structured setting for a number of fun, new, easy-to-play drinking games intended to draw in new/more customers and have your customers stay longer and spend more without sacrificing any floor space and at a minimal cost in comparison to other Bar Entertainment Options like Pool Tables, Dart Board Cabinets or Arcade Cabinets.

For the Party Crowd - Impact Games offers our entire line of creative Drinking Games on a scratch resistant, washable vinyl banner. Simply roll out the banner (optionally adhering it to a table top with masking tape), have a Rager of a Party, and when the night draws to a close (or more likely the next morning), simply wash the banner clean, roll it up, and put it away until the next party. Games range in theme from Sports Games to Card Games to Dice Games to Board Games and several others in between.

A Better Way to Beer Pong - If you have a four foot by eight foot (4x8) Beer Pong Table (or would like to make one), then you aren't making the most of the opportunity. Impact Games offers a 4ft x 8ft vinyl decal or banner that you can place on the tabletop that not only offers Beer Pong, but also includes 5 other fun Drinking Games. 1 large King's Cup Station, 4 Tournament Quarters Stations, 4 Flipcups Stations, 2 Higher/Lower Stations, and the brand new Drunken Sailors Game are all included along with rules for each game on the decal so there's less arguing. That's why it's a Better Way to Beer Pong!