Impact Games - Drinking/Party Game Decals. Entertain Customers, Increase Profits

Impact Games understands that an entertained customer stays longer and spends more. To help Bar Owners achieve better sales results, we developed a line of Drinking Game Vinyl Decals that Bar Owners can adhere to the tables they already have in order to offer new, fun, easy-to-play entertainment options to their customers. With well over a dozen unique game options, we cover everything from Sports Games to Card Games to Dice Games to Board Games and a few others as well. Drinking Game Decals come in a standard size with Impact Games Branding, but can be tailored to fit a variety of different size tables and incorporate any Bar's Brand into the Decal. Each Decal also includes the rules for each game, and require little more than inexpensive playing cards, ping pong balls, six sided dice or just a handful of pocket change. Grown your Bar Business by drawing in new customers and giving those customers something entertaining to do that uses the tables that are already in place and at a fraction of the cost of alternatives like Pool Tables, Dart Boards or Arcade Cabinets.