Pet Portraits by AndAbelArt - Memorial Pet Portrait Paintings

Pet Portraits by AndAbelArt uses a unique digital art painting process to turn a photo(s) of your pet into a Custom Digital Painting.

The first pet I lost as a child was my cat. She slept at my feet, under my covers every night until one where she made her way outside and was struck by a car. I have nothing but memories of her, and I wanted to find a way to change that in a beautiful way for others.

Pet Portraits by AndAbelArt uses your high resolution photo(s) of your pet, combined with a description of a setting that says home and love and the bond between pet and owner, to create a Custom Digital Painting to memorialize your pet. Prints are available on Artist Canvas or High Quality Poster Paper as well as Digital Copies you can share on social media to tell your pet's story and to keep close to you at all times.

Memorialize your four legged family members in Art.