6 Pin Bowling - Turn Your Bar Tables Into Beer Pong Bowling Lanes

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It's as if Beer Pong had a baby with Bowling. Don't ask about the biology... you don't want to know.

This is not a knock things over kind of bowling game. Instead, shoot for cup combos that reward players with drinks. Fun, fast-paced, everyone gets to drink... What more could you ask for? 

All you need to play is a couple ping pong balls, 6 cups, 2-8 friends, and a few drinks. Standard size for this game is 48"x16" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design. 

Adhesive Backed Vinyl Decals - These decals are designed for a semi-permanent installation on the tables you already have. We use 3M High Performance Vinyl with Matte Lamination for vibrant colors and durability.

Installation: Clean table surface with Window Cleaner or All-Purpose Cleaner. Re-clean surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Center decal on table surface and secure in place with masking tape. Fold one half of the decal back over itself peeling the decal away from the backing paper. Remove and discard exposed backing paper. Carefully apply decal to table's surface with vinyl applicator or credit card starting from the center and working towards the edges. Remove masking tape and repeat the process for the other half of the decal.

INCORPORATING YOUR LOGO: Impact Games offers customized decals with your business logo so when your customers share their experience on social media, everyone will know where they can go to play for themselves. Click HERE to add your logo to all of the decals in your order for a one time fee of $25.


• Minimum of 2 players, but make a league of it if you want.
• 6 plastic cups with a little water in them to weight them down.
• A couple of ping pong balls. Check with your bartender if you didn't bring your balls with you.
• A sweet neon splashed private bowling lane... like this one... just sayin.
• Your favorite adult beverage(s). Bowling feels like a beer sport, but feel free to elevate it with wine.

• 6 Pin Bowling is not a knock-things-over kind of game. Instead, players take turns tossing or bouncing ping pong balls at the six cups at the end of the lane. Each round consists of players taking turns tossing two consecutive balls. See below for scoring combinations.
• 1-5 Strike - Land one ball each in both the 1 and 5 cups. Every other player drinks 1.
• 1-4 Spare - Land one ball each in both the 1 and 4 cups. Player to bowler's immediate left drinks 2.
• 1-6 Spare - Land one ball each in both the 1 and 6 cups. Player to bowler's immediate right drinks 2.
• 2-3 Split - Land one ball each in both the 2 and 3 cups. Bowler drinks 1, players to bowler's immediate left and right each drink 2.
• 4-6 Split - Land one ball each in both the 4 and 6 cups. Bowler drinks 2, players to bowler's immediate left and right each drink 1.
• Turkeys - Any bowler that lands three 1-5 Strikes in a row gets a 'Turkey.' I'm a sticker, I don't endorse brands, but I'm sure there is a turkey themed alcohol prize one could win for such a feat...
• Other combinations, doubles, and misses mean the bowler must drink 2 and end their turn.

*Photo example illustrates what the standard size decal would look like on a 2'x4' table - table not included.