Drunken Sailors plays like Beer Pong had a baby with Battleship the naval war board game. These ships are the game pieces on which players set their cups of beer. Ships are made of waterproof coroplast.

Drunken Sailors (TM) Naval Fleet Game Piece Set

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Drunken Sailors (TM) is played like a mash up of Beer Pong and those naval warfare board games like Battleship. The Impact Games 6-in-1 Game Table Decal has a grid in the design that is used for this game. Ships from the Naval Fleet Game Piece Set are placed on the grid where the player wants, cups containing beer or another consumable beverage are then placed on the game pieces where indicated. Players take turns 'firing' ping pong balls across the table into their opponent's cups. Once all of the cups on a particular ship have been 'hit,' that ship has been 'sunk' and is removed from play. The Naval Fleet Game Piece Set is made from 4mm corrugated plastic with a scratch resistant print on one side. Each set consists of four red and four blue ships - 1 Battleship, 1 Submarine, and 2 Cuisers each.