Impact Games Mini 38"x74" 6-in-1 Game Table BANNER

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The Mini Impact Games 6-in-1 Game Table Banner is perfect for smaller spaces - designed to fit a standard 3 foot by 6 foot Mini Ping Pong Table or Dining Room Table.

This option includes all of these fun party drinking games: Beer Pong, Drunken Sailors, Flipcups, Quarters, Higher/Lower and King's Cup.

To maximize the play surface, rules for the games have been omitted from this version of the design. It's not that big of a deal. I'm not the Rules Police - play however you want! Several color combination options are available to fit a wide variety of decors.

Banners are made of 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl  printed with Scratch Resistant Latex Inks. Ideal for temporary installations. Banner measures 38"x74". Lay Banner over table's surface. Use rope, string, bungee cords, etc. through the provided metal grommets to secure Banner to the Table. When finished, remove securing method, wash with non-abrasive mild detergent and warm water, roll up and put away for future use.