Standard 49"x97" 6-in-1 Game Table - VINYL DECAL

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Standard Impact Games 6-in-1 Game Table Vinyl Decal. This Vinyl Decal was designed to fit a four foot by eight foot (4x8) table top surface. Will work on, but not completely cover, standard Ping Pong Tables. DIY people can easily build a 4x8 table with a few hand tools, plywood, 2x4s and some paint for a non-porous base surface.

The Standard Impact Games 6-in-1 Beer Pong Game Table Vinyl Decal, includes these fun party games: Beer Pong, Drunken Sailors, Flipcups, Quarters, Higher/Lower and King's Cup. Rules for all six games are embedded in the graphic. There are dozens of design options to choose from.

Vinyl Decals are made of 3M High Performance Vinyl Film, printed with UV Resistant EcoSol Inks, and protected by a Matte Lamination. Ideal for semi-permanent installations. Decal measures 38"x74". Clean table surface, center vinyl decal on table and tack in place with masking tape, peel one side of the decal away from backing paper, remove and discard exposed backing paper, working from the center of the decal towards the edges, apply the vinyl decal to the table's surface, trim off excess.