Lil Monster on Board - Perforated Vinyl Window Child Sun Safety Decal

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If you have infants or toddlers, and a car, you probably have looked into a way to protect your precious cargo's eyes from the sun.

lil monster on board sun screen safety decal protection protective perforated vinyl automotive decal for car van suv to block sunlight from baby infant toddler child in the back seat


What is most commonly available are boring plain mesh or perforated window screens that go on the inside of your car, van or SUV. They never cover the entire window. They never stay in place. They aren't very cute, and the wildly swinging tiny hands of a baby throwing a temper tantrum can easily destroy them.

lil monster on board sun safety screen decal for infant baby toddler child. perforated vinyl decal blocks sunlight in the passenger section of your car van or suv. cute funny decal infant protective protection

Lil Monster on Board Perforated Vinyl Window Decals offer a much better Sun Safety Screening Solution, and here's why:

• The Perforated Vinyl Film uses the same principles as other Sun Safety Screens by reducing the amount of light that is transmitted from outside the vehicle into the passenger seats by as much as 70% without blacking out the windows.
• Our decals are designed to cover then entire rear passenger window of nearly all cars, vans or SUVs - no more gaping holes in protection.
• These decals adhere to the exterior of the window keeping it out of reach of curious fingers, and are printed with  eco-friendly HP Latex 871 Ink with UL ECOLOGO® and GREENGUARD Gold certifications. This fantastic scratch resistant ink needs no lamination and the prints are more durable and stay crisp even in outdoor conditions.
• These decals are super cute! Your choice of Prince, Princess or tantrum throwing Lil Monsters.

 lil monster on board sun safety screen decal protect infant baby child eyes from damaging sunlight while in the car van suv sun screen shade protective vehicle automotive


Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decals come in one of six standard sizes.

• Small Sedan Size - 17" x 24"
• Medium Sedan Size - 17" x 32"
• Long Sedan Size - 17" x 54"
• Minivan Size - 24" x 48"
• Small SUV Size - 22" x 30"
• Large SUV Size - 22" x 44"

Measure the exterior of your vehicles rear door windows. Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decals are designed to be oversized to accommodate various Makes and Models of vehicles, so an exact measurement match is unlikely. Instead, make sure you order a decal large enough to cover the entire window you want to add protection to. It is also important to specify which side, Driver or Passenger, you want to order if you aren't ordering a pair as this affects how the optical illusion of the decal looks once applied.


Installing a Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decal on your vehicle may seem daunting at first, but the material is fairly forgiving, and a patient steady hand is all you need. Well, not all you need as you will also need the following:

• Your Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decal
• Window Cleaner
• Paper Towels or Lint-Free Cleaning Cloths
• Isopropyl Alcohol
• Painter's Masking Tape
• A Box Cutter or Utility Knife
• A Vinyl Applicator*
• Flat Head Screw Driver or Palette Knife
     *If you don't have a Vinyl Applicator, you can make one by stacking 2-3 credit cards together, wrapping them in a couple sheets of paper towel, and taping everything in place.

Step 1 - Clean the window with window cleaner and paper towels or a lint-free cleaning cloth. Make sure to get into the cracks and edges where the window meets the door frame.
Step 2 - Re-clean the window with isopropyl alcohol and paper towels or a lint-free cleaning cloth. The isopropyl alcohol will remove any grime or residue left by the window cleaner so that the decal can properly adhere to the window.
Step 3 - Position you Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decal over the desired window making sure the decal covers all of the window's surface area while trying to position the character in the best looking place over the window. Remember, part of the fun is the double-takes you will get from others, so position the decal to sell the illusion. Once in position, secure the decal to the vehicle with pieces of painter's masking tape. It's a good idea to use a strip of tape to essentially make a hinge down vertically down the decal in the center.
Step 4 - Fold one side of the Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decal back over itself to remove the paper backing from the decal cutting the paper away with the box cutter or utility knife and discarding it. Once the paper has been removed, grab the decal by the corners and drape it over the window.
Step 5 - Working from the center of the decal towards the edges, start to apply the decal to the window using firm steady pressure on the vinyl applicator while making sure to avoid tearing the vinyl. Adhere a large portion of the decal, but wait to tackle the edges until the other side is down too.
Step 6 - Remove the remaining masking tape, fold the decal over itself to remove the rest of the backing paper, and apply the second side in the same manner as the first. *On vehicles with split rear windows, drape the vinyl directly over the divider between the two windows and cut the decal in two along the center of the divider approaching each section as a separate window from now on.
Step 7 - Slowly work the decal down around the edges by pealing it back from the vehicle frame and carefully working the vinyl applicator into the cracks. Once you've worked the decal into the crevices, trim the excess away with the box cutter or utility knife. DO NOT adhere the bottom edge until the next step!
Step 8 - The bottom edge of the decal will need to be tucked into the weather stripping so that the window can still function normally without tearing the decal off in the process. Trim the bottom edge of the decal so that approximately 1/4" of the decal will extend under the lip of the weather stripping. Once trimmed, use the flat head screwdriver or palette knife to pull the lip of the weather stripping back enough to get the bottom edge of the decal under it.
Step 9 - Gently run the palm of your hand over the entire Lil Monster on Board Sun Safety Screen Decal flattening out any wrinkles or ridges in the material, and You're All Done!
Installation should be performed in a well lit dry place where it is unlikely that dust or debris will be flying around and potentially get under the vinyl. Do not attempt to install if ambient temperature is lower than 45F. Installations can be completed by one person, but a helper... helps.