Montana Chug'em Poker - Casino Game Where Players Bet Drinks not Cash

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Texas Hold'em is insanely popular. It's the go-to game in the gambling world. Bring the fun and excitement of that game into your bar with a version where players bet drinks instead of cash. All you need to play is a standard deck of playing cards, some friends, and drinks.

Standard size for this game is 34"x22" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design.

Non-Adhesive Banners - These banners are designed to be rolled out onto a table's surface, used, wiped clean, and then rolled up to be stored for later use. We use 14 oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner. These banners are scratch resistant, waterproof and UV resistant. Clean up with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive washcloth. DO NOT use solvent based cleaning products - test all cleaning products to see if they interact with the printing.


• 3-6 Players. One player will need to be the dealer.
• A standard 52-card pack of playing cards.
• Some pocket change to mark bets.
• Your favorite adult beverage(s).

• Playing - In Chug'em, the dealer deals two face down cards to each player as their personal hand or holecards. Players inspect their holecards and either fold or place a bet. The dealer then burns three cards and deals the Flop with three cards face up where indicated on the game table. Players now have the choice to fold, check or raise their initial bet. The dealer then burns one card and deals the Turn card face up. Players again have the choice to fold, check or raise their initial bet. The dealer then burns one card and deals the River card face up. Players have one last chance to fold, check or raise their initial bet. Finally, holecards are revealed and the player with the best hand comprised of their two cards and three of the table's community cards wins.
• Folding - If a player chooses to fold their hand they must return their cards to the dealer, remove any bet marker, and drink.
• Betting - Players place bets by using a coin to mark a number of drinks to wager on their section of the game table. Players are not betting against each other, rather they are trying to win a number of drinks to assign to other players after the hand is over.
• Checking - If a player does not wish to increase their bet, but does wish to continue with the hand, they can check.
• Winning - The winner of the hand gets to give out as many drinks as they bet during the hand to any other player(s) including the dealer.