Paper Football League - A Stadium For A Classic Football Drinking Game

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Have fun with this old school Football game with a fun new drinking game twist! Fold up your paper football and take turns sliding it down the field aiming for the End Zone. If you haven't scored after your third attempt, try for a field goal!

All you need to play is a plain piece of paper (folding instructions included in the decal), 2-8 friends, and a few drinks.

Standard size for this game is 48"x16" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design.

Adhesive Backed Vinyl Decals - These decals are designed for a semi-permanent installation on the tables you already have. We use 3M High Performance Vinyl with Matte Lamination for vibrant colors and durability.

Installation: Clean table surface with Window Cleaner or All-Purpose Cleaner. Re-clean surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Center decal on table surface and secure in place with masking tape. Fold one half pf the decal back over itself peeling the decal away from the backing paper. Remove and discard exposed backing paper. Carefully apply decal to table's surface with vinyl applicator or credit card starting from the center and working towards the edges. Remove masking tape and repeat the process for the other half of the decal.

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• Minimum of 2 players, but this is a great team game too.
• A paper football. Folding instructions have been included, but a coaster cut into a triangle would work too.
• A Paper Football League game table. Try not to get too excited, but I'm pretty sure you've already found one...
• Your favorite adult beverage(s). Beer is always a safe bet, but you do you.

• Establish teams and decide who will go first with a traditional coin toss.
• Scoring - A turn consists of four attempts to slide the paper football across the game table and stopping in the opposing side's end zone - Touchdown! Scoring a touchdown means the defending team must drink.
• Punting - Four consecutive missed attempts is a punt. The offensive team must drink, the turn ends, and possession of the football changes sides.
• Extra Point - After scoring a touchdown, teams get a chance for an extra point. A defense player uses their hands to create goal posts at the back of their end zone. An offense player then stands the football on its end and flicks the football towards the goal posts. If the football goes through the goal posts, the defending team drinks again.
• Field Goals - After missing three attempts in a row, the offensive team can choose to attempt a field goal. Field goals play the same as Extra Points. A miss means the offensive team must drink, the turn ends, and possession of the football changes sides.
• End Zone Picks - After a football stops in the end zone, defensive players can try one time to flick the football back into the other end zone. Success equals a touchdown for the defensive team.