Quarter Golf Association - Play The Back 9 With This Fun Quarters Game

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Play a round of golf that can't get rained out - you won't get drenched, but you might get drunk, with this fast paced quarters game.

Grab some quarters and a cup for the hole and you're off to the links! Bounce quarters down the fairway and into the cup. Bring a good game because the more you shoot, the more you drink.

All you need to play is a pocket full of quarters, 2-8 friends, a cup to aim at, and a few drinks.

Standard size for this game is 48"x16" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design.

Non-Adhesive Banners - These banners are designed to be rolled out onto a table's surface, used, wiped clean, and then rolled up to be stored for later use. We use 14 oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner. These banners are scratch resistant, waterproof and UV resistant. Clean up with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive washcloth. DO NOT use solvent based cleaning products - test all cleaning products to see if they interact with the printing.


• Minimum of 2 players, but just as much fun with a whole group.
• A handful of quarters. These will act as your golf balls because using real golf balls would be silly.
• A shot glass (or larger liquid container depending on your aim) for the hole.
• A well manicured course would be nice, but you don't have to mow stickers, so... you're welcome.
• Your favorite adult beverage(s).

• Teeing Off - Make a fist tucking the tip of your thumb into your index finger. Place a quarter over your thumb nail and place your wrist on the 'Tee Box'. Flip the quarter down the game table towards the 'Hole' at the other end of the table. This can be accomplished in a number of 'Strokes' with each stroke adding to the individual player's score. Your first stroke is always played from the tee box, but each subsequent stroke is played from where your quarter lands. Keep track of your strokes, because that's how many drinks you'll need to take when the round is over.
• Sand Traps - Oh no! Looks like you got sand in your eye too. Play your next stroke from the sand trap, but do so with your eyes shut.
• Water Hazard - Ker-plunk! You're in the drink, so you gotta drink. Landing in the Water Hazard also adds one additional stroke to your score and sends you back to the tee box for your next shot.
• Hole-in-one - Make the quarter in the hole in one shot, and everyone else celebrates your achievement by having a drink.
• Out-of-Bounds - Bouncing your quarter off the table means your ball is out-of-bounds. Drink before retrieving your quarter, add an additional stroke to your round, and head back to the tee box.