Straw Hockey League - An Ice Rink For A Hockey Drinking Game, Eh Hoser?

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Have fun with this new hockey inspired game! Ping Pong ball is the puck, beer cans/bottles/glasses are the goals, straw is your hockey stick. Drop the puck at center ice and blow! Keep the ball on the table or get an icing penalty. Keep track of periods and score with a couple of quarters.

All you need to play is a Ping Pong ball, some straws, 2-8 friends, and a few drinks.

Standard size for this game is 48"x16" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design.

Adhesive Backed Vinyl Decals - These decals are designed for a semi-permanent installation on the tables you already have. We use 3M High Performance Vinyl with Matte Lamination for vibrant colors and durability.

Installation: Clean table surface with Window Cleaner or All-Purpose Cleaner. Re-clean surface with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove any remaining residue. Center decal on table surface and secure in place with masking tape. Fold one half pf the decal back over itself peeling the decal away from the backing paper. Remove and discard exposed backing paper. Carefully apply decal to table's surface with vinyl applicator or credit card starting from the center and working towards the edges. Remove masking tape and repeat the process for the other half of the decal.

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• Minimum of 2 players, but it's a great way to make friends so, teams of 2 or 3 works even better.
• 2 full cans of beer or pint glasses to use as goals, 4 quarters for keeping score and marking periods, a ping pong ball, and a straw for each player (bendy straws are the best because you can make them look like hockey sticks, but any straw will do).
• An SHL game table. I don't want to surprise you, but you are looking at one right now!
• Your favorite adult beverage(s). Canadian beer is, of course, recommended, but don't let me hold you back.

• Set Up - Place a full can of beer where indicated on the game table graphic. Set a 5 minute timer for each period - use your phone, obviously. Place the ping pong ball in the center of the rink, and, when the timer starts, blow through your straws.
• Playing - Games are played in three 5-minute periods or 1st to 10. The goal is to score the most points by blowing the ping pong ball at your opponents goal and/or blowing the ball away from your goal. Hit the can, you get a point, opponents get to drink. After points and penalties, the game resumes with a center ice face off.
• Icing - Icing occurs when a player blows the game ball off of the game table. That player must drink, and the ball is returned to center ice.
• Sticking - Hitting the ball with any part of the straw is a penalty. The offending player must drink, and the opposing team gets a Penalty Shot.
• Penalty Shots - This is a free shot on the opponents goal - no blocking allowed. Place the ball at center ice, and, with one quick breath, blow the ball at the opposing team's goal.