Shots and Backers - A Fun Drinking Party Twist on a Classic Board Game

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This game plays like a traditional board game with a fun grown-up twist! Roll the six sided die and advance through the board. Land on a beer bottle and ride the cap up the board, land on a shot class and slide backwards, or land on a funny random space. Great for first dates!

Standard size for this game is 34"x22" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design.

Non-Adhesive Banners - These banners are designed to be rolled out onto a table's surface, used, wiped clean, and then rolled up to be stored for later use. We use 14 oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner. These banners are scratch resistant, waterproof and UV resistant. Clean up with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive washcloth. DO NOT use solvent based cleaning products - test all cleaning products to see if they interact with the printing.


• Minimum of 2 players, but you can play with literally as many people as you can gather around the table.
• One six-sided die. If you didn't bring any dice with you, see your server or bartender.
• A Shots and Backers game table. You're lookin' at one baby!
• Individual game pieces for each player. Salt shaker, condom, lipstick... Think outside-the-box if you have to.
• Your favorite adult beverage(s).

• Setup is easy. Players place their game pieces on or near the "Start" square. To figure out who goes first, players take turns rolling the die. The player with the highest number rolled goes first. Re-roll to break any ties. Play progresses in a clockwise direction.
• The game is played by rolling the die, moving your game piece in sequential numerical order the number of spaces you rolled, and racing other players to the "Finish" square. Along the way you will encounter "Beer Backers," "Spilled Shots," and "Bonus Spaces."
• If a player lands on a Beer Backer space, that player rides the fizz geyser up to a higher numbered space. On the way, the number of squares over and up they are propelled are counted and given to opponents as drinks. Ex. 5 over and 2 up = 7 drinks: 3 to player A, 2 to B, and 2 to C.
• If a player lands on a Spilled Shot space, that player rides the booze waterfall down to a lower numbered space. On the way, the number of squares over and down they are propelled are counted and drank by that player. Ex. 3 over and 4 down = 7 drinks.
• If a player lands on a bonus space, that player must follow the instructions on the game table for that space.
• First player to reach the "Finish" space, wins.