Toss One Backgammon - A Traditional 1-v-1 Game With A Drinking Twist

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Backgammon is an intense game of strategy! Toss a few adult beverages in the mix and anything can happen!

All you need to play this game is a pocket full of quarters, a six sided die, an opponent, and a couple of drinks.

Standard size for this game is 34"x22" to fit any 2'x4' table. Easy-to-follow rules are embedded in the design.

Non-Adhesive Banners - These banners are designed to be rolled out onto a table's surface, used, wiped clean, and then rolled up to be stored for later use. We use 14 oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner. These banners are scratch resistant, waterproof and UV resistant. Clean up with warm soapy water and a non-abrasive washcloth. DO NOT use solvent based cleaning products - test all cleaning products to see if they interact with the printing.


• 2-4 players. If you choose teams, simply alternate turns playing.
• 30 quarters (that's $7.50 big spender) - 15 heads up for one side, 15 tails up for the other.
• Two 6-sided die. for rolling...
• A fancy pants Backgammon game table. No need to look around - you can use this one.
• Your favorite adult beverages.

• Players try to move their pieces across the game board points into the inner table nearest to them. Once that is achieved, players move their pieces off the board. The first player to do this wins.
• To start the game, players roll one die each at the same time. If you roll doubles, both players take a drink and try again until one player rolls higher than the other. That player picks a side and goes first.
• Basic Play - The game board consists of 24 triangular points, a center bar, and 30 quarters (game pieces). Players take turns rolling the dice and advancing game pieces across the game board's points towards their inner table based on the numbers rolled on the dice. Two moves are allowed, one for each number of the dice. If doubles are rolled, the opposing side drinks and four moves are allowed. Players are not allowed to pass - players must make as many moves as possible on each turn.
• Safe Points - Any point with two or more pieces from one side is safe - opponents can't land a piece on those points
• Capturing Pieces - Any point with only one piece is vulnerable - opponents can land a piece on those points capturing the vulnerable piece and moving it to the bar dividing the board. If your piece is captured, drink.
• Re-Entering - Captured pieces re-enter the game on the furthest point from the player's inner table - point 1. Rolling a 1 allows the piece to move from the center bar to point one of the opponent's inner table. Rolling a 5 allows the piece to move to point 5. No other pieces can be moved until all captured pieces have re-entered the game. If you are unable to re-enter captured pieces, you must forfeit your turn and drink. Opponents drink once if you get a 1 and twice for a 5.
• Prime - This occurs when one player has blocked six points in a row. This is advantageous because a Prime can't be crossed by an opponent as 6 is the highest number players can roll on each die. It also means that the opponent must drink their turn until they can actually move pieces again.
• Bearing Off - Once a player moves all of their pieces to their inner table, that player can start Bearing Off. Rolling a 1 allows a player to bear off a piece from point 1, a roll of 2 allows a player to bear off a piece from point 2, and so on. Bearing off pieces simply removes them from the game table, but players can choose to move pieces instead of removing them in order to block points. If a player rolls a number that is higher than the highest point occupied by that player's pieces, they are allowed to bear off the next highest piece. Ex: roll of double 6s with one piece on point 5, one piece on point 4, two pieces on point 2 and one piece on point 1, the player would bear off the four highest placed pieces and be left with just one piece on point 1. If a player's piece is captured after starting to bear off, that piece must re-enter and return to the inner table before bearing off can continue. Opponents drink once for each piece removed from the game.
• Finishing - The first player to bear off all pieces wins the game - losers drink.
• Gammon - If the losing side has not borne off any pieces, this is a "gammon" and the losing side buys the next round. • Backgammon - If the losing side has a captured piece or a piece within the opponent's inner table as the winning side removes it's last piece, this is a "backgammon" and the losing side buys the next round and shots.