Fox in a Snow Storm - 20x40 - Digital Painting - 2022

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I liked the pixelated cowboy image so much, I thought I would give the style another go with a tweak or two. I also adore the red fox we have here in Montana. That likely stems from the Fox and the Hound which was a staple in my house as a kid.

I'd write more about this piece, but I'm finishing it while still fuming about idiots. That's perhaps vague, but the story is so long, and I'm so exhausted by it. In a nutshell, I am not free. I live in America, but I get threatened with arrest for expressing speech. I live in a capitalist society, but get harassed for trying to be a capitalist. I see little people with small brains and misplaced authority abusing the smattering of power bestowed upon them because people are sad deluded animals. Animals, like this little guy.

- Canvas frames are made of FSC® certified wood. When not available PEFC or equivalent.

- Thick canvas has a 4 cm (1.6") thick frame

- Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation.

- Mounting kit included

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