Eclipse - 24x36 - Digital Painting - 2021

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My series of paintings featuring tree people (treople?) is one where I focus on various aspects of the human condition, but I choose to represent that aspect using figures crafted from trees. The purpose of this is to show the experience rather than show someone specific experiencing the experience. Instead of seeing a person, this approach forces the viewer to see the experience first.

Additionally, I've made a specific stylistic change in the work I produce in 2021 treople when compared to the first series from 2009 by cutting away portions of the background. The background shows that these figures are rooted in the natural world, but during the experience we transcend the boundaries of the world around us.

So... what does a hand rooted in the Earth grasping an eclipse mean to me in the terms I've outlined above? Fair question. I had a dream once. As vivid in my mind today as it was nearly 20 years ago. The details of the dream aren't really that important save to say I was out amongst nature with the only thing I hold dear in this world - my children. The sky shimmered the way an oil stain shimmers in the sun after a rain shower. An enormous booming sound was heard. I awoke with tears streaming down my face overwhelmed by a sensation of tranquility, connectedness, compassion and love. Religious experience? Maybe. Being rooted in something so small and insignificant, but able to touch something wonderous and expansive.


- Wood frame are sustainably sourced (FSC certified materials)

- This canvas print is wrapped on a 4 cm (1.6") thick stretcher frame

- Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation

- Mounting kit included

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