From the Mists III - American Bison - 18x24 - Digital Painting - 2021

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The American Bison is one of the best examples of human beings not understanding their place in the natural world. Once roaming the country in heards that numbered in the millions, now we pat outselves on the back when they wander off the endangered species list and freak out when they wander onto cattle lands. It is power. It is precision evolution. It is majestic.

I've seen several in the wild, where they belong, and adore their nonchalant disregard for people. Blocking roads and moving cars out of their way.

Their cultural significance to the indigenous peoples of North America is not lost on me. Native people managed to co-exist with the bison and they shared the land long before white people and cattle moved in. When I hear people complain about immigrants destroying America, I think of the bison and wonder what he would say.


- This canvas print is wrapped on a 4 cm (1.6") thick stretcher frame

- Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation

- Mounting kit included

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