From the Mists VI - Bald Eagle 18x24 - Digital Painting - 2021

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This piece marks an imaginary halfway point in this series. I sat down the other day and made a list of 19 animals that, to me, say Montana, but I've put an arbitrary, and probably revisable, limit of 12 on this series.

I've been thinking about why this series quite a lot. Why wildlife? Why abstract? Why so colorful? Trying to understand inspiration.

Why wildlife? I've already touched on my feeling that people are animalistic with the ability to be something more. I guess, as we move towards an ever increasingly technological society, one that even contemplates leaving this orb, we are forgetting our role as caretaker of this planet. Being more than an animal doesn't mean disregard the animals, and we could do better at that, or perhaps we will loose these animals.

Why Abstract? Realism was replaced with technology a long time ago, and my last series was surreal. I was trying to illustrate an emotional state in a figure where the viewer could see and identify the emotion rather than an individual. That grew into using negative space, something I found I loved in high school. Abstract seemed fitting as, even around here (Montana), a lot of people understand these animals only in an abstract way. Consumed with their screens, their routines, their selves, they ignore the natural world in favor of a materialistic one. These animals become ideas.

Why so colorful? I'm odd. I prefer the most generic of visuals for myself - plain white t-shirt, zip-up hoodie, carpenter jeans. I do that to not stand out so I can better spy on a species I understand, but can never figure out. It's not representative of who I am though. I love color and brightness and being happy and vibrant and bold. These animals mean a lot to me. They are tied to what has become a comparatively short list of fond memories. As I share them with you, I want to do so in a bold and vibrant way.


- Wood frame are sustainably sourced (FSC certified materials)

- This canvas print is wrapped on a 4 cm (1.6") thick stretcher frame

- Shipped in protective packaging and strong boxes to ensure no damage during transportation

- Mounting kit included

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