Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats

Tired of yet another round of Beer Pong or King's Cup? Looking for a fun new way to party with your friends or co-workers?

Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats offer an exciting shake-up to your routine with eight amazing new games to play. Games like "Major League Quarters" (TM) where you flip/slide/spin/toss a quarter down the mat to score points and dish out drinks, to "Shots and Backers" (TM) that plays like a more traditional, but occasionally inappropriate, board game, and MANY more!

Made of extremely durable 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner Material and printed with Scratch Resistant Latex Inks, these Party Game Mats are easy to clean (use a washcloth and warm soapy water if someone spills or, ya know... hurls), and easy to store and/or transport (just roll em up when the party is over).

These eight party game mats each include rules for the game embedded in the design, but peripherals like ping pong balls or a deck of playing cards are not included.

You'll get years of entertainment out of these, even if you can't remember most of it...