Quarter Golf Association Party Game Mat

Quarter Golf Association Party Game Mat

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Tired of the same ole same ole? Had enough Beer Pong or King's Cup for a while? Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats are a fun new way to shake up your party scene.

8 exciting games to choose from including this one - Quarter Golf Association

• Minimum of 2 players, but just as much fun with a whole group.
• A handful of quarters*. These will act as your golf balls because using real golf balls would be silly.
• A shot glass* (or larger liquid container depending on your aim) for the hole.
• A well manicured course would be ideal, but this game mat will just have to do. Y/W
• Your favorite adult beverage(s)*.

• Set-up - Place an empty cup (the size will depend on your skill level) on the green end of the game mat and grab some quarters.
• Basic Play - Players take turns by placing the heel of their hand in the tee box and flipping a quarter (this game’s golf ball) with their thumb into a cup at the opposite end of the game mat. If the quarter lands on the game mat, but not in the cup, players must shoot again. Your first stroke is always played from the tee box, but each subsequent stroke is played from where your quarter lands. Keep track of your strokes, because that's how many drinks you'll need to take when the round is over.
• Sand Traps - Oh no! Looks like you got sand in your eye too. Play your next stroke from the sand trap, but do so with your eyes shut.
• Water Hazard - Ker-plunk! You're in the drink, so you gotta drink. Landing in the Water Hazard also adds one additional stroke to your score and sends you back to the tee box for your next shot.
• Hole-in-one - Make the quarter in the cup in one shot, and everyone else celebrates your achievement by having a drink.
• Out-of-Bounds - If your quarter lands off the game mat, that means your ball is out-of-bounds. Drink before retrieving your quarter, add an additional stroke to your round, and head back to the tee box.
• Winning - It’s golf, you win when you get sick of playing.

Each Party Game Mat measures 16"x48" and is made of durable 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner material with a Scratch Resistant Latex Ink Print that makes these game mats easy to clean, transport and store.

*not included

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