Shots and Backers Party Game Mat

Shots and Backers Party Game Mat

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Tired of the same ole same ole? Had enough Beer Pong or King's Cup for a while? Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats are a fun new way to shake up your party scene.

8 exciting games to choose from including this one - Shots and Backers

• Minimum of 2 players, but you can play with literally as many people as you can gather around the table.
• One six-sided die*. It doesn’t have to be six-sided, but if yours has more, you’re a NERD!!!!
• A Shots and Backers game mat. You’re lookin’ at one now baby! How’s that for luck?!
• Individual game pieces* for each player. A coin, lipstick, condom, etc. Think outside-the-box if you have to.
• Your favorite adult beverage(s)*.

• Set Up - Players place their game pieces on or near the “Start” square. To figure out who goes first, players take turns rolling the die. The player with the highest number rolled goes first. Re-roll to break any ties. Play progresses in a clockwise direction around the playing surface. That means table, presumably...
• Playing - The game is played by rolling the die, moving your game piece across and up the game mat the number of spaces you rolled, and racing other players to the “Finish Here” square. Along the way you will encounter Beer Backers, Spilled Shots, and “Rule” Spaces.
• Beer Backer Spaces - If a player lands on a Beer Backer Space, that player rides the fizzy geyser up to a higher numbered space. On the way, the number of squares over and up you are propelled is counted and give to opponents as drinks. Ex. Player B moves 5 over and 2 up = 7 drinks: 3 to player A, 2 to player C, and 2 to player D.
• Spilled Shot Spaces - If a player lands on a Spilled Shot Space, that player rides the boozy waterfall down to a lower numbered space. On the way, the number of squares over and down that player is propelled are counted and that player must drink that many times. Ex. 3 over and 4 down = 7 drinks.
• Rule Spaces - Red Colored Rule Spaces apply to the player that landed there. White Colored Rule Spaces apply to all players. Each is self-explanatory.
• Winning - The first player to land on the “Finish Here” space, wins. What, if anything, they win is entirely up to you.

Each Party Game Mat measures 16"x48" and is made of durable 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner material with a Scratch Resistant Latex Ink Print that makes these game mats easy to clean, transport and store.

*not included

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