Beertucky Derby Party Game Mat

Beertucky Derby Party Game Mat

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Tired of the same ole same ole? Had enough Beer Pong or King's Cup for a while? Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats are a fun new way to shake up your party scene.

8 exciting games to choose from including this one - Beertucky Derby

• Minimum of 2 players, but this is a great game for a group.
• Each player will need to use a token* to mark their bet. Think outside the box on this one people - a coin, a breath mint, one of those little plastic swords, etc.
• A standard 52-card deck of playing cards*.
• A Beertucky Derby game mat. You could play without one, but I'm literally right here...
• One player that will volunteer to be the Announcer (Dealer).
• Your favorite adult beverage(s)*. Beer works best, but this is a game of betting on drinks and I'm just a game mat, so I'm not going to even try to tell you what you can or cannot drink.

• Gameplay - The Beertucky Derby is a game where players bet on one of four horses (the Aces from the deck of playing cards) to win a race played out across the game mat.
• The Announcer - One player agrees to be the Announcer (Dealer). That player shuffles the deck and places it in the ‘Stable.’ Play starts when the Announcer flips the top card of the deck face up and putting it the lane that its suit corresponds to. Ex: 6 of Clubs would go in the Club Horse lane. Play continues one card at a time until one horse has completed all 8 links of the race becoming the winner.
• Betting - Players select one horse to bet on, marking their bet with their token  (number of drinks - 1-4) in either the Daily Double (x2), Trifecta (x3), or Exacta (x4), and then sit back as the race unfolds.
• Steroids - If the Announcer deals an Ace, that suit gets a little jolt skipping ahead one link of the race leaving a blank space behind it.
• Paying Up - Losing players must drink the number of remaining spaces in the lane the horse they bet on.
• Collecting Your Winnings - Winning players give out drinks to losing players. Ex: If the winning player bet 2 drinks on the Exacta (x4), they have 8 drinks to give out in any way they wish.

Each Party Game Mat measures 16"x48" and is made of durable 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner material with a Scratch Resistant Latex Ink Print that makes these game mats easy to clean, transport and store.

*not included

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