National Pong Association Party Game Mat

National Pong Association Party Game Mat

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Tired of the same ole same ole? Had enough Beer Pong or King's Cup for a while? Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats are a fun new way to shake up your party scene.

8 exciting games to choose from including this one - National Pong Association

• Minimum of 2 players, but teams of 2 is at least as much fun... maybe double.
• A couple of plastic cups* with some water in them for baskets, a couple of quarters* to keep score with, and a ping pong ball*.
• An NPA game mat. One with a court and a couple of nets, ya know, like this one...
• Your favorite adult beverage(s)*. Beer is always a good choice, but any drink will do.
• Sweatbands are optional, but dope AF.

• Getting Started - Place your water filled cups on the hoops in the game mat graphic. Toss a coin to see what side goes first - turn alternates after every shot.
• Shooting - To shoot the ball, use your hand like a paddle and bounce the ball on the game mat trying to get it to land in the opposing team’s cup. Make it in the cup, and add one point to your score while your opponent drinks. Miss the shot, and the other team gets their turn. Teammates take turns shooting, but all opponents drink when a basket is made.
• Blocking - You can block a shot by blowing on the ball as it approaches your cup. You can't use your hands, just your big mouth. You can
make up your own joke(s) for that. May I suggest something political...?
• Double Dribble - If you can paddle the ball twice before it goes into the opposing teams cup you get twice the points and dish out twice the drinks. Also counts if you can paddle pass the ball to a teammate before they shoot.
• Three Point Shots - If a player or team makes 3 shots in a row, they can elect to step one step back from their edge of the table you’re using and try for a three point shot. The ball cannot bounce on the table - it has to go directly into the opposing team’s cup. If you make it, you get 3 points - obviously, and you get to dish out 3 drinks.
• Winning - First side to score 20 points wins! Losers buy shots? Chicken dance? Belch the alphabet? Idk, it’s up to you...

Each Party Game Mat measures 16"x48" and is made of durable 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner material with a Scratch Resistant Latex Ink Print that makes these game mats easy to clean, transport and store.

*not included

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