Straw Hockey League Party Game Mat

Straw Hockey League Party Game Mat

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Tired of the same ole same ole? Had enough Beer Pong or King's Cup for a while? Chuck L. Berry's Party Game Mats are a fun new way to shake up your party scene.

8 exciting games to choose from including this one - Straw Hockey League

• Minimum of 2 players, but it's a great way to make friends so, teams of 2 or 3 works even better.
• 2 full cans of beer* to use as goals, 4 quarters* for keeping score and marking periods, a ping pong ball*, and a straw* for each player (bendy straws are the best because you can make them look like hockey sticks, but any straw will do).
• An SHL game mat. I don't want to surprise you, but you are looking at one right now!
• Your favorite adult beverage(s)*. Canadian beer is, of course, recommended, but don't let me hold you back.

• Set Up - Place each full can where indicated on the game mat graphic. Set a 5 minute timer for each period - use your phone, obviously. Catch your breath, and grab your straw.
• Face-Offs - Place the ping pong ball in the center of the rink, and, when the timer starts, blow through your straws trying to make the ball hit your opponent’s can. If the ping pong ball gets blown off the mat, reset with a center ice face-off. NOTE: Try not to pass out - it’s just a game...
• Playing - Games are played in three 5-minute periods or 1st-to-10. The goal is to score the most points by blowing the ping pong ball at your opponents goal while also defending your own goal. If you blow the ping pong ball into your opponent’s can, you get a point, and your opponent drinks. Play resumes with a center ice face-off.
• Icing - Icing occurs when a player’s straw crosses the penalty line furthest from their goal. That player must drink, and the ball is returned to center ice for a face-off.
• Stick Hitting - Touching the ball with any part of the straw is a penalty. The offending player must drink, and the opposing team gets a Penalty Shot.
• Penalty Shots - This is a free shot on the opponents goal - no blocking allowed. Place the ping pong ball on the penalty line closest to you, and, with one quick breath, blow the ball at the opposing team's goal.

Each Party Game Mat measures 16"x48" and is made of durable 14oz Super Smooth Vinyl Banner material with a Scratch Resistant Latex Ink Print that makes these game mats easy to clean, transport and store.

*not included

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